Happy Volley Academy

Mission Statement:

Happy Volley Academy has been established to build a positive learning environment for athletes while also providing a high level of volleyball training. Through the sport of volleyball, the club administration, coaches, and volunteers will work to augment the skills, confidence, and leadership in the female athletes who participate. HVA encourages both athletes and coaches to strive for growth at all times. Through sport (practices, tournaments, and other events), coaches and leaders in HVA will create the opportunity for our players to seek and acquire many life skills, including: teamwork, communication, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution, confidence, and sportsmanship. Communication between players, coaches, and parents will be held as a highly important process concerning the operations of the club and player development. As HVA embarks on it's inaugural season, we don't overlook the opportunity to work with these student athletes in a safe environment, and look to not only improve physical abilities, but to also encourage the skills that will allow each participant to be successful athletes, students, and members of our community.