• If you or anyone in your household are feeling sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit our facility.
  • If you or anyone in your household are awaiting COVID-19 test results, please do not visit our facility, even if you are asymptomatic.

Visitors and Athletes:

  • All people must wear a face-covering/mask at all times when inside The Centre. This includes:
    • Visitors
    • Staff
    • Spectators
    • Referees and coaches
    • Athletes – per the November 17, 2020, updated mask order from the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, masks must be worn even while engaged in active workouts, training, and competition.

          The only exceptions to the mask requirement are those described in Section 3 of the mask order.

  • All spectators and parents staying in the facility with their children must maintain 6’-0” social distancing, except for groups of people who live in the same house.
  • All athletes and program participants must use hand sanitizer as they enter the playing venue/surface. Hand sanitizer is provided at all entry points.
  • To limit the number of people in the facility and to minimize groups of people in the same vicinity for an extended time, all participants in programs/games/leagues and all spectators should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their activity. Everyone is asked to leave the playing surface and the facility as quickly as possible after the end of their activity.
  • To limit the number of people in the facility we are requesting that families do their best to limit themselves to one spectator/parent/guardian per program participant.  We understand that this isn’t always possible but limiting the number of people will help in providing every person in the facility a little more space to effectively distance themselves from others. Please note that, per Patton Township ordinance, our current occupancy limitation does allow for more people in the facility and we will permit more than one per program participant, especially for larger events.  We are simply asking for assistance with numbers where possible.
  • The public drinking fountain is disabled and unavailable for use. Please be sure to bring a full water bottle with you.  Bottled water is also available for purchase at our concession stand.

Cleaning procedures:

  • Sharing of equipment, balls, and game pieces are minimized to the extent possible. All such items are sanitized by Centre staff after each use.  When items are shared, the use of hand sanitizer immediately after the activity is strongly encouraged.
  • Public restrooms are sanitized by Centre staff on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • High “touch points” and surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • At the end of the day, the facility is thoroughly cleaned and all high “touch points” and surfaces are sanitized.
  • All sanitizing is performed using a spray that is left on the surfaces being sanitized for a minimum of 10 minutes.